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Lockers Cape Town: The Importance of Fire-Resistant Lockers

Lockers Cape Town


Because the city is located by the sea, the lockers Cape Town needs are ideally protected against moisture and corrosion. But, as is the case with lockers in any location, they should also offer decent fire-resistant coating.


It may go without saying that fire-proofing your lockers is a good idea. After all, fire is a major hazard to all types of businesses, and you want to do everything in your power to keep it out of your building. But that is where lockers in particular can be a big help.


The following are a few of the ways in which fire-resistant lockers can greatly benefit your business:


Why Your Business Needs Fire-Resistant Lockers


  1. They Keep Valuables Safer

Lockers are designed to store items, and to keep those items safe while doing it. So, keeping them from being burned while in storage should be a requisite. You want to be sure that whatever you put in that locker will not be in jeopardy should a fire break out.


It may be unreasonable to expect lockers to withstand an all-out blaze. But it should be perfectly acceptable to expect a locker to withstand a few licks of flame, especially if it is being used to store highly flammable materials, like documents.


  1. They Keep Fire from Spreading

While fire-resistant lockers might not be able to actively block the spread of a blaze (in the style of a firewall), they certainly can inhibit the spread of fire.


Lockers will often line corridors or rooms, and these can act as conduits for flames if they are not resistant to fire. A corridor full of wooden lockers, for example, acts as a perfect way to spread fire from one end of the building to the other. However, if the corridor is lined with fire-resistant steel lockers, there is a greater chance of containing the fire.


  1. They May Keep Your Insurance Costs Down

With fire-resistant lockers limiting the ability of fire to spread throughout a building, they help lower the risk of that building falling victim to a fire. Certain insurance companies may look favourably on this fact, and decrease your insurance premiums accordingly.  So, through buying a product that you need for your business anyway, you might just be creating a scenario that saves you a lot of money as well; it’s win-win.


Where to Buy Lockers Cape Town


With a large selection of adaptable, versatile lockers that happen to be fire-resistant as well, Krost is your go-to lockers Cape Town supplier. So, to discuss the needs of your business and the best solutions for those needs, contact us right away!


Image credit: Lockers by SickestFame is licenced under CC BY 2.0, available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/75030458@N08/6849508067