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Maintaining Your Industrial Racking and Shelving South Africa

Maintenance is a bit like housework.  You never really feel like doing it, but if you put it off you could end up with a real mess on your hands.  Only, when it comes to industrial racking, the mess isn’t just unsightly, it is potentially dangerous to both your employees and your business.  You chose the best industrial racking and shelving for sale, so make sure you keep it that way.

But maintenance doesn’t have to greatly inhibit your business processes, and it doesn’t have to be costly.  Here are some ways to approach maintenance so that you never end up having to exercise damage control:

Maintenance tips for Industrial Racking and Shelving South Africa

  1. Make a Plan

The first thing that you should do when approaching maintenance is to form a clear idea of the items in your warehouse that need it.  Make a note of every rack, forklift, installation, etc. and decide how often they should be inspected.  Next, create a maintenance plan so that you know exactly when to check each piece of equipment in your warehouse.

  1. Use Your Human Resources

Your employees might not be qualified to actually repair your equipment, but they certainly know how to use it.  After all, they work with the equipment every day.  This means that they know exactly how it should work and notice when it isn’t performing as desired.  Encourage your employees to give their thoughts on each piece of equipment, and alert you to anything that needs attention as soon as they notice it.

  1. Keep Track of Inventory

If you need to make repairs on any shelving or racking, or just need to strip them to check them properly, be sure to keep track of the inventory.  You will have to move this around the warehouse so as not to block aisles and picking lanes, but you absolutely don’t want anything to get lost in the confusion.

  1. Stay True to Your Plan

Your maintenance plan should involve the regular checking of all of your equipment.  Make sure you stick to this like clockwork.  If you let your checks slip, you could be endangering the lives of your employees and risking costly downtime.  No matter what, adhere to your plan.

Industrial Racking and Shelving for Sale

Buying the highest quality industrial storage is the best way to minimise your maintenance.  Of course, you still need to check it frequently, but you’ll be far less likely to find any issues that need addressing.

So, to get off to a strong start regarding the upkeep of your warehouse, contact Krost today!

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