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The Many Uses of a Raised Storage Area

You can never have enough storage, especially if you have a workshop, warehouse or a retail store. You can use these area as a working space, a storage facility or an additional shopping floor to display products for your customers. This is why a versatile raised storage area is such a great benefit to have.

Mezzanine floors have been known to be a great addition to any shop; you can even use these floors at home as an additional working area above your normal floor. Many home owners are starting to take their work home and even add an office for them to work from. This is where a raised mezzanine floor can be helpful; you can install it over and above your existing floor area, maximising the space you have available.

If you need storage space in your warehouse, raised storage areas are ideal. You can use this to store products that you do not use often, especially bulk goods. Installing a mezzanine floor is the most cost effective way of optimizing your existing space, because all your fixed costs are already covered. This is a great benefit for store owners as you want to keep costs down when it comes to expanding any display area.

Storage Solutions from Krost Shelving

Our storage solutions include a raised mezzanine floor, which is highly flexible and very durable. The custom design and manufacture of these floors, as well as the range of cladding types and load-carrying capacities allow us to meet specific customer needs. The use of these floors are very flexible. It can easily be disassembled, moved and re-assembled at another location and can be increased or decreased in size to suit your future business storage needs.

We can supply a few bays of shelving to resolve that immediate storage problem that you may have, or we can offer you a full turnkey installation service, incorporating mezzanine floors, office and factory partitioning, electrics and lighting, conveyors and storage or handling equipment – a complete storage solution in one.

Krost Shelving & Racking specialises in a wide variety of storage solutions for your retail or warehouse needs. This includes raised storage areas like mezzanine floors that are easy to set up and very versatile. Visit us online to view our products or contact us to find out more about our company.