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Maximise Your Floor Space with Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Though somewhat of an intermediary between factory production and shipping, warehouses have their own form of productivity. Every inch of a warehouse being improperly utilised affects the ability of that warehouse to move its stock quickly. And, the faster the stock moves, the better the warehouse productivity. So, by this logic, if a warehouse is able to increase its floor space, it is able to boost its productivity – and this is completely possible through mezzanine flooring.

A mezzanine flooring system effectively creates another floor between the warehouse floor and the ceiling. This can create up to double the workable space inside a workshop, which could potentially double the warehouse’s productivity. And, since mezzanine floor prices are reasonable when considering their benefits, it’s not surprising that the market is on the lookout for mezzanine floors for sale.

The Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring

One of the major benefits of a mezzanine flooring system is that productivity is always positively affected, even during installation. Industrial mezzanine floors are so quick and easy to install that they barely affect workflow as they are being assembled.

Thereafter, mezzanines are easy to redistribute throughout the workshop, also without greatly affecting workflow. Furthermore, they can be customised in terms of size, making them ideal for any situation.

Whether the mezzanine is required for additional office space or as an extension of work-space, there is always the ideal option available. This is because mezzanines can be tailored to support any required weight. In addition, shelving or racking can be used as added support that doubles as further storage space.

How Safe Is Mezzanine Flooring?

As we mentioned, mezzanines can be used for additional elevated storage, so it is purpose-built for strength. This means that warehouse managers can confidently load mezzanines with products intended for shipping.

Mezzanines can also be tailored for the ensured safety of personnel. Safety railings can be installed, as can safety gates over staircases. Generally speaking, mezzanines are an easier way to install a rock-solid second floor to any area with underutilised airspace.

Mezzanine Floor Prices

Aside from their countless benefits, the reason that the market sees so many mezzanine floors for sale is the fact that they are extremely reasonable for their inherent value. Mezzanines essentially double the workable space in a given warehouse, but at far less cost than expansion or the acquisition of another building.

So, to reap the many rewards of mezzanines, be sure to contact Krost today!

Image credit: http://krostshelving.com/news/how_to_install_mezzanine_floors_08102014/