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Measure and Maximise Efficiency with Storage Solutions

Are you using your warehouse to its full capacity?

Your warehouse plays a vital role in your business and it is important to figure out if you are making the best use of this space in order to benefit your business.

An efficient warehouse results in happy customers and happy customers lead to:

More money

mezzanine floors money

Image Credit: www.http://www.tv.com/news/breaking-bad-how-much-cash-was-in-that-storage-unit-29497/


Make sure you are using enough space across your mezzanine floors and keep things organised. Avoid overloading shelves and tightly theme similar stock. Sort storage every six months to overview what stock you have and if they are correctly placed within the warehouse.


Record all given and received stock so you are aware of what lies before you. If this step is ignored, you could lose revenue and waste space at the same time.

Allow movement

Try to make the warehouse aisles big enough for lifting vehicles to navigate through. This could save time and prevent missing or delaying orders.

Consider automation

If your warehouse contains non-fragile products, consider implementing conveyor belts to reduce travel time. This will create easy and efficient dispatch while keeping stock in order.

Easy processing

Save time by creating an easy receipting and invoicing process. Implement template invoices with the company name and details, and enter in details fast and easy using a pen; no long hand typing required.

If it is a big company you are distributing to, make sure you have a professionally typed invoice that is presentable and neat. Do this a day before the good are picked up and ensure you have everything ready for delivery.

Here we see the perfect example of an efficient and productive warehouse plan:


Image Credit: http://guss-ex.com/warehouse-logistics/optimalisation

Main image credit: http://www.unarcorack.com/photos/steel-mezzanine-photos/