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Mega Warehouses [Infographic]

Image credit: Wikipedia

Think your warehouse is big? Think again! We found an awesome infographic on some of the biggest warehouses around the globe, and some of them are so large, it’s hard to comprehend!

Imagine all the space you could have with your racking and shelving if you had a warehouse the size of 10 American football fields? That is the size of the Boeing Everett factory in Everett, Washington. This building is the largest in the world with a massive volume of almost 13.5 million m³. Of course, if you’re in the business of assembling Boeing 747s, you’d need more space than a few racking and shelving systems to store and assemble your stock.

Some businesses simply boggle the mind with the sheer size and capabilities of their warehouses, even if they’re not dealing in stock as large as Boeings. Look at Target, the multinational retail giant that sells all kinds of stock, from small DVDs to big electronics. Their warehouse is a massive 2 million square feet, so that it can handle the multitude of deliveries and shipments it imports from all over the world.

For more mind blowing warehouse facts, have a look at the infographic below:

racking and shelving

Image credit: QMI Services

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