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Stylish Metal Lockers Provide Security For Personal Possessions

Though simple enough in their concept, metal lockers can be an invaluable addition to the working environment, especially in those situations where staff members may be required to don a uniform or to change into protective clothing in order to carry out their duties.

Typical of those who require storage facilities for such purposes are factory and construction workers, miners, police, supermarket assistants, laboratory staff, doctors and nurses. Even where they are not required for changing purposes, they may instead serve simply as a secure repository for personal possessions such as handbags and other valuables during working hours.

Available in a variety of designs, the larger varieties of these tough steel cabinets are offered as single or double door units that provide convenient hanging space for civilian and outdoor clothes. Where less storage space is required, narrower metal lockers with two, four or six separate, lockable compartments provide a more compact but equally effective solution and one that is ideal for temporary storage in hotels and clubs.

Krost Shelving is a Johannesburg-based company with additional facilities in Cape Town, Durban and Harare. Since our operation was formally established in 1965 we have gained almost half a century of valuable experience in the design and manufacture of effective and versatile racking, shelving and enclosed storage solutions.

Today we are widely recognised as the fastest growing local manufacturer in this field and are serving the needs of companies throughout Southern Africa while also planning to further extend our footprint to include the remainder of the continent.

At Krost, quality is and will always remain our prime concern. Our customers can be assured that each of the metal lockers we offer for sale and, indeed, every one of our products, conforms to the highest standards set by the industry.

In addition to our emphasis on quality, versatility is also one of the key objectives at Krost Shelving. This is clearly reflected, for instance, in the design of our single and double door models that may be supplied as free-standing units with a choice of legs or plinths or, alternatively, configured to enable them to be securely bolted into position. In either case, the purchasers also have the option of adding additional shelves which may then be configured, as needed, in order to make the most appropriate use of the storage space provided.

To safeguard the possessions of your staff, these units are the ideal choice. Built to last with a smart and durable finish, the metal lockers for sale from Krost Shelving provide employers with a cost- effective, space-saving and secure storage solution.