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Metal Or Steel Double Door Lockers – Perfect For Changing Rooms

Metal or steel double door lockers often provide an effective alternative to the more expensive and bulkier single-door units that are used for storing items of clothing. In locations where the available space may be limited or perhaps the budget may be a little tight, doubling up in this fashion can often provide a practical solution and a cost-effective compromise that, in most cases, will almost certainly prove to be more than adequate to meet the requirements of the average user.

The range of locations in which these sturdy storage cabinets may prove invaluable is almost limitless and most South Africans are likely to have made use of one at some stage in their lives. For many, the first encounter with one of these metal or steel double door lockers is likely to have occurred at school where they remain in widespread use today and appear certain to continue to serve the storage needs of learners and teachers, at least, for the foreseeable future.

Metal Or Steel Double Door Lockers krost shelvingWhen purchased from Krost Shelving, each compartment within a unit is fitted with both a hanging rail and a shelf as standard. However, because we recognise that needs may vary between end-users or may simply change at a later stage, in addition to our insistence on durability, we also attempt to create products that are versatile enough to adapt to changing requirements. Consequently our tough twin compartment cabinets have been designed to accept additional shelves in whatever configuration may best meet the prevailing need of their users.

In addition to the school environment Krost metal or steel double door lockers are popular at sporting venues and gyms where players and members need the facility to store their everyday clothes and valuables before donning something more suitable for the soccer pitch, the tennis court or a session of circuit training. In such cases, the facilities are seldom personal and are more likely to be selected or allocated on an ad hoc basis. Where these units are shared by multiple users, there will be a greater need to practice good hygiene and the unique hinging system that is an integral part of all of the models in the Krost storage cabinet range, allows them to be easily removed and so cleaned more effectively.

Metal or steel double door lockers can also to be found in many of South Africa’s places of work such as hospitals and clinics where they provide hanging space for the outdoor clothing of doctors, nurses and various other healthcare professionals. Miners and factory workers share this need when donning protective gear and entrusting clothing and valuables to these metal or steel double door lockers.