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Metal Or Steel Double Door Lockers For Secure Food Storage

Metal or steel double door lockers can provide an ideal solution for storing food items that, although they may not require refrigeration, may still be in need of some protection against certain potential but common threats. In practice, the single greatest threat to consumables, from pancake mix and tea bags to ball point pens and notepads, is invariably petty pilferage. Storage in cheap, flimsy cabinets, normally presents no serious obstruction to the determined thief and units like these can often be opened without the aid of a key and re-closed while leaving no visible sign of the illicit incursion.

Clearly, if these units are to provide the required level of protection, they will need to be of suitably sound construction. At Krost Shelving, each item in our range of metal or steel double door lockers is manufactured to conform to the highest standards set by the industry and is therefore able to resist all but the most determined and visibly destructive forced entry attempts.

Metal Or Steel Double Door Lockers For Secure Food StorageBy selecting the most effective materials, we have succeeded in developing a secure storage cabinet that, despite its exceptional strength, is still light enough to be handled with comparative ease. Furthermore, they have a unique hinging system that offers owners the twin benefits of providing a neat and flush fit while also being easily removed, when open, so as to facilitate the process of cleaning. This feature can be of particular value where maintaining their cleanliness is important such as when using these metal or steel double door lockers in order to store food.

In locations such as hostels and halls of residence, individuals will often want to maintain a stock of some of their favourite nibbles and these compact units provide the perfect means to provide any number of residents with a secure space in which to cache a couple of chocolate bars, a packet or two of biscuits or potato chips and a tin of instant coffee. Since it is a simple matter to add shelves and arrange them to provide sub-compartments of various sizes, the options for secure storage may then be extended to include non-edible items. Configured in this way our metal or steel double door lockers make them suitable for additional possessions such as books, mobile electronic devices, cash and any other articles of value that may be better kept under lock and key.

Krost Shelving is a South African company with history that spans nearly 50 years – more than enough to establish us as a leader in our chosen field. Our name is your guarantee of a quality storage solution including shelving, racking and metal or steel double door lockers.