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Mezzanine Floor Layout Options for a Warehouse

A mezzanine floor is a fantastic way to bring extra space to your warehouse by essentially installing another level between the floor and the ceiling. This means that mezzanine floors are usually retrofitted, being brought in once space in the warehouse starts thinning out. But, this fact means that they have to be highly versatile and able to adapt to an almost endless variety of warehouse layouts.

This versatility is very good news for you as a warehouse owner or manager. It means that your options are limitless when it comes to mezzanine floor construction. Whatever your current setup, it is possible to weave a mezzanine floor in there.

Mezzanine Floor Construction: A Look at Your Options

If you have clusters of shelving you could place mezzanines over each cluster and link them together with suspended walkways. Conversely, you could place a large mezzanine across all the clusters and create a large open area above the shelving. These are the types of options that are available to you if you are looking to expand your storage area.

It is important to break free of the idea that mezzanines are flimsy, temporary structures. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We build our mezzanines strong, which means they are able to support heavy loads. So, if you need additional storage space, a mezzanine can certainly handle the task.

But, in addition to storage, mezzanines can fulfil various other functions. A few of these functions are:

1. Pick and Pack Area

If you offer pick and pack operations, you might find that their placement cuts into your storage space. But, by installing a mezzanine, you can move these operations up a level and have much more space to devote to storage.

2. Office Space

Having offices separate from warehouse operations makes it harder for managers to find address productivity issues. However, mezzanines can put offices on-site, ensuring more cohesion between management and workflow.

3. Employee Break Area

Comfortable, dedicated break areas make it easier for warehouse workers to recharge their batteries before getting back to work. By creating such a space with a mezzanine, you don’t cut into your storage area at all, and you ensure your workers are fresh and relaxed, accounting for fewer errors.

Mezzanine Floor Construction by Krost

At Krost we pride ourselves in building sturdy, reliable mezzanines that enhance your warehouse in every way possible. So, to enjoy some of the benefits we mentioned above, be sure to contact us today!

Image credit: https://www.avantauk.com/mezzanine-floors/