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Mezzanine Floor Providers: What Should You Be Looking For?

Mezzanine floors maximise the amount of space available to you in your home, your office or in large industrial warehouses. They are useful in that they provide more space to store items, can make great offices that give you a view of the whole floor and can be installed with bolted in racks and shelves when you need them.

While you may have already been aware of the many benefits of these floors, you may not know that not all providers of these floors make and install them in the same way, and when you are on a suspended platform, you want the peace of mind of knowing you’re walking on stable ground.

So what qualities do successful mezzanine floor installers have? Well, for one thing, they have access to an abundance of materials, which means they can discuss the benefits of using stainless steel, wood and other materials with you.

They will be able to talk about the temperatures of the mezzanine floors and how different materials influence these, the weight and safety benefits of using wood, plastic or steel and even the longevity of the materials.

One of the most important things to discuss with these service providers is the construction of the mezzanine floor. As you can imagine, a floor of this type is not simply laid down, as a ground floor would be. It needs the proper support to ensure it stands up to weight demands.

A floor made to fit 20 people should be able to carry the weight of at least 30, as people vary in size and weight. Many providers prefer to use long steel beams in the construction of mezzanine floors as these have historically been classified as the safest, but those who employ structural engineers may be able to suggest alternative ways of constructing the floors.

When discussing the floors with a service provider, don’t forget to ask about the final finishing. In a warehouse, it may not matter what the mezzanine floor looks like, but a mezzanine floor that looks strange and out of place in an office is simply not acceptable. In this regard, form and function must meet to create a solution that works well but that looks good too.

Speak to the service provider about options for floor and wall finishes and for railings that look good, give a good view of the space and that match the design of the building.

Don’t forget that when you need someone to advise you on the best solutions, a service provider such as Krost will explain the best solutions for your needs. Other service providers may simply try to sell you the most expensive items but as a smart, informed consumer, you can get more for your money