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Mezzanine Floors – An Introduction

Mezzanine floors are one of the best space saving storage systems available today and most people who have mezzanine floors installed will agree that it can offer you space you never knew you had.

But what are mezzanine floors?

Quite simply put, it is a secondary floor that is erected to add additional space to an area. Mezzanine comes from the Italian word ‘mezzano’ which means middle and hence it is often put in the middle of the floor and the ceiling.

These ingenious space saving devices can be used to create more space in places with high or low ceilings. In the case of high ceilings, the mezzanine flooring can act as a second floor for offices or additional floor space while lower ceilinged buildings can make use of mezzanine flooring to generate more storage space.mezzanine-floors

Mezzanine floors are an often overlooked method of using space to the upmost. This is because people are always trying to make the most out of the space that they already have – the space that is on the same level that they are. People rarely look up at the space that is just hanging above their heads as potential storage space.

Mezzanine floors can hold a great deal of weight and are very sturdy. They provide a cost effective method for making the most out of the space you already have without needing an architect to draw up plans.

If you are keen to see what Mezzanine flooring can do for your storage space, give Krost, the experts mezzanine suppliers, a call. We can offer you a tailored mezzanine flooring solution.