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Mezzanine Floor Frequently Asked Questions

Not many people can claim they have a lot of knowledge as far as mezzanine floors are concerned and though they may know what they look like or even the materials from which they are made, almost no one has any idea of what planning permissions, if any, are required, how the floors are installed or even how long they should take to be built.

These are some of the frequently asked questions that those in the raise floor industry solutions are asked, and the answers that could save you time if you’ve been considering having a mezzanine floor built.

The first question has to do with site surveys and planning permissions. What many want to know is whether they need to get building permissions for a mezzanine floor. After all, it doesn’t really add anything on to the floor space of a house or office, and it is not a second floor, but building is still required.

The short answer is yes, building permissions are required for a mezzanine floor but planning permissions and site surveys are not always necessary.

This is for the simple reason that while certain fees must be paid to the city, and health and safety regulations must be adhered to, a floor of this variety is considered a detachable structure, which means it can easily be taken down if necessary.

For those who are unsure about whether to go ahead with the mezzanine floors, know that you can apply for building permission without having to actually build the floor at all. You can change your mind even after the permissions have been filed.

Another common question is whether the owner of the building is responsible for the adherence to building and safety codes. They are not. The company building a mezzanine floor takes responsibility for this and should be able to advise you on what measures they are taking, as well as what measures you should take in the future, to keep the floor in good shape and adhering to the law.

People often want to know how much of a load a floor such as this can carry. While mezzanine floors are built to be as sturdy as those at ground level, they will have certain weight limits in place that you will need to discuss with the builders. Be sure to detail exactly what you intend to use the floor for when you are having it built, so that it can be fortified.

There are many more questions that you may have about mezzanine floors and before you build, ensure you speak to a reliable raise floor industry solutions provider such as Krost Shelving, who can answer every question and take you closer to having a mezzanine floor.