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Mezzanine Flooring Advantages For South African Businesses

We all know that for the last few years, South Africa has been experiencing some economic problems. While some feel this is a burden that the South African government should bear in its entirety, for many businesses, this has resulted in a number of economic strangleholds in which they simply cannot spend any money, and have to use all the profits coming into the business just to make ends meet.

This means paying salaries and covering the costs of suppliers has to take precedence over Christmas bonuses or extended floor space. There is one solution available to the typical SA business though that allows for an expansion at a fraction of the cost, that is, mezzanine flooring.

Whether your business is in maintenance or a growth phase, you may find that from time to time, you need more space to store products, to seat workers or even to hold meetings. You need to raise floors and build a mezzanine level that will add to your space without actually expanding the building.

For those businesses that need to cut back on costs, moving to a smaller space is and adding a mezzanine floor is an option too, as it saves on rent/mortgage costs for the long term, while maximising on the amount of space available.

Mezzanine floors also allow you to sublet spaces. This is fast becoming a trend in many retail spaces and for advertising agencies. The main agency/retailer will hire a space and build a few mezzanine levels, which others can rent to use as business spaces.

This makes them seem more professional, gives them a space in which to work, but also allows the main tenant to earn a little bit of extra income while going about their day-to-day business.

For those who own warehouses, building a mezzanine level is also a great way to supervise the work being done. In the South African warehouse, there is a lot that goes on, on a daily basis and having an office set on a mezzanine level means the supervisor, foreman or even business owner has a space in which they can do their work while still having their pulse on what is happening at ground level.

Many people don’t even consider mezzanine flooring because they assume that it will be too expensive and while some service providers are doubtless trying to make money, many more, such as Krost Shelving, can provide cost-effective mezzanine solutions that allow you to generate income, save on space and in the long-term, save on spend too.

The trick for SA businesses, it seems, it speaking to the professionals who can take your business to the next level, the mezzanine level if you will, at a cost that works for you right now, to reap maximum benefit in the future.