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Mobile Devices Belong in Warehouses

mobile devices

5 benefits of bringing mobile technology into the workplace.

Fifteen years into the new millennium, technology is certainly living up to its promise.  Flying cars and hover-boards might not be in wide-scale operation, but there are definitely some prototypes sitting firmly on the horizon.  One piece of technology that has already become a major part of our society, however, is the mobile device.

It has recently been discovered that warehouse workers are using mobile devices on their own initiative – using them alongside conveniences like carton live storage systems in order to increase their own efficiency and decrease their risk of injury or errors.

This evokes some very interesting ideas about the use of mobile technology in the workplace.  Here are some ways in which mobile technology can be used alongside machinery like carton live systems in order to increase and streamline productivity:


Mobile devices are, by their very definition, portable.  By using these devices for all manner of warehouse organisation, workers eliminate the need to return to any particular position for order information and checklists.  The travel time this saves could equate to days over the course of a year, or even a few months.

Having all necessary information on hand will also decrease the amount of picking errors, as data will not be recycled through media and workers.  Pickers can have the right information on hand at all times.

Instantaneous Resolution of Issues

Stock picking errors are often not identified or reported straight away, or their news does not travel fast enough to have any preventative value.  However, a connected network will make it easier to identify errors and alert workers as to their presence.  This will make it easier for workers down the line to take preventative measures in real time, and will eliminate the retrospective aspect of stock picking errors.

Improved Safety

Carton live storage systems are excellent for decreasing strain on workers who have to move heavy stock.  But, imagine if it were possible to monitor these workers.  Mobile technology like wearable tech makes this a possibility.  Wearable tech allows for the precise monitoring of workers’ health status, which can relate to body heat, stress, etc.

Real Time Statistics

Mobile devices are a great way to monitor productivity across all the stages of a process, from picking to loading.  This data will help to identify areas which are costing time, which will go a long way towards increasing efficiency.


With mobile devices being such an integral part of modern society, many new workers will come with an already-acquired knowledge of their functionality.  This will decrease the time necessary to teach the internalisation of process data, as well as the understanding of its media.

Carton live systems are already responsible for increasing safety and efficiency in the workplace.  However, paired with mobile technology, the warehouses of the future could take these factors to new heights – and the devices necessary for this are available today.

Image credit: http://www.logistics.co.uk/supply-chain-management-and-mobile-devices