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Mobile Shelving Saves On Space

If you have not yet used mobile shelving solutions for your business, where have you been? These allow for all of your shelves to be rolled forwards and backwards, saving on space and ensuring that you can access any product, book or other resource you need at almost any time.

These units are fitted with traction systems, or wheels, that allow them to be rolled into and out of the room. They have a variety of benefits, including space saving features, can be made from a variety of materials and could revolutionise the way you store your resources. These generally come in one of two types, manual and powered.

Manual mobile shelving is the type that requires a little human effort to move it back and forth. This can work on a number of systems, including the shelves that are simply physically pushed back into their places, or pulled out, and those that work with a hand wheel.

These types of shelves are built along tracks or lines on the floor or ceiling. When pushing or pulling them, all you need to do is slide them along those tracks. They work in a similar way to a filing cabinet. While this action is simple enough when the shelves are empty, it can be difficult when you have stored books, files and other items on the shelves. Even using a hand wheel or manually operated handle can be tough when the shelves are full.

Powered shelving is usually the popular choice when it comes to mobile shelving. This type is electronically operated and requires very little human effort at all. Each of the shelves will have a small motor at the end of the row’s track, and when a button is pushed, the row moves outwards or inwards.

This is ideal for those systems that have a number of heavy products to carry and since so little human effort is required, they can be used by just one person or a group of people. Needless to say, these powered systems are more expensive than their manual counterparts, since the motor and the running of the system need to be installed, which means more parts and manual labour.

These types of mobile shelving systems are great floor space savers, and for those who have limited space but no money to move to larger premises, they are the best way to ensure you can store it all without adding rooms to a warehouse or office.

When considering buying a mobile shelving solution, be sure to speak to Krost Shelving about your unique needs and find out what they can suggest in terms of the solution that will save you money, while maximising your floor space.