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Optimising Vertical Space with Warehouse Racking

In the warehouse industry, space is everything.  Many operations function by renting space to manufacturers, and they usually charge in terms of floorspace.  So, in these terms, the best way to expand business and increase profitability is to increase the floorspace available for warehouse storage rack systems.

However, physical expansion is not the only way to do it.  There is a way to increase available space and not have to bash out and extand walls.  The simple answer is, of course, vertical space.

Warehouses that aren’t making use of all of their vertical space are missing out on profit.  Pushing those warehouse racking systems up towards the ceiling accesses some precious unused space and increases profitability.

Using Vertical Space with Warehouse Storage Racks

The great thing about expanding vertically with warehouse racking systems is that it is an effortless update.  You don’t need to worry about planning permission or costly delays in business while renovations are undertaken.  You only need to worry about bringing in warehouse storage rack systems that are capable of supporting goods at height.

Of course, safety should be a concern.  It is thus not advisable for warehouse storage racks to touch the ceilings.  Experts recommend using about 80 percent of the vertical space available, leaving the rest open for safety.  Considering that forklifts have to be able to access the high pallets during picks, it is advisbale to leave around 15+ cm between the load and the next shelf.

Best Racking System for Warehouse Expansion

Thinking in terms of vertical space, possibly the best racking system for warehouse expansion would be pallet racks.  These provide straighforward access to stock and are ideal for forklift stock picking.

However, depending on your circumstances, it would be a shame to overlook other types of warehouse racking.  A system like carton live racking, for example, is great for high density storage.  Getting more products in, you increase the amount of storage space and thus the amount of profit you stand to make.  And, with the reduced labour costs associated with carton live racking, your profits stand to be even greater.

Warehouse Racks for Sale

If you feel that much of your overhead space is being underutilised and is going to waste, now is the time to expand vertically.

As we mentioned, you don’t need to halt operations in order to have costly additions made to your facility.  You just need to prepare a brief window during which you can have some appropriate warehouse racking installed.

And, as far as getting that racking is concerned, you’ve come to the right place.  Krost has a world of high-quality warehouse racks for sale that are ideal for vertical storage.  So, to start maximising your vertical space and your profits today, contact us right away!

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