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Our Services Include Tailor-Made Racking Systems

As a leading provider of racking services to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and several other nations north of our border, we at Krost Shelving are more aware than most of the importance of quality. Since we must design, construct and install systems for the storage of items of all dimensions and sizes, creating systems that are sufficiently strong to cope with these typical demands is a critical requirement. It is also one that we have chosen to meet, not by compromise but, by our insistence upon using only the very best quality materials and carefully-crafted components in all stages of their manufacture.

All of our systems are protected against accidental damage by forklifts, saving the purchaser time and money. However, as a part of our racking services, Krost Shelving also undertakes the repair of existing systems that may have sustained this type of accidental damage. However, while we are happy to serve clients in this capacity, our greatest strength lies in the design, construction and commissioning of tailor-made solutions for use in bulk storage at sites such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution networks. Made of top quality steel, their component parts are degreased, treated with zinc phosphate and then powder coated with a tough epoxy resin in full compliance with the prevailing SABS requirements for pre-treatment. Following this, the standard colours are applied to create a high-gloss protective finish.

Krost Shelving is able to supply selective racking in forms that are suitable for either pallet storage of bulky and crated items or for non-palletized goods that are small enough for manual picking. The latter is of particular value to a facility that houses a very large number of different stock items. The former variety is, of necessity, by far the more robust of the two. Both of these products are sufficiently flexible to be simply re-configured in order to accommodate any changes to the storage requirement. If necessary; we are also able to provide our clients with a combination of these two storage options that successfully integrates the heavy-duty product with the alternative in any of its available forms.

CANTILEVER RACKINGWhen required we are also in a position to supply cantilever racking – a system that was developed expressly for the storage of longer items such as plastic or metal tubing, poles, wooden planks or rolls of paper or textile. This form of storage is also good for irregularly shaped or awkward items such as furniture and that are not really suitable for palletisation.

Krost Shelving is a storage expert. With almost 50 years’ experience in this specialised field we are the nation’s first choice for shelving and racking services.