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Pallet Racking: the ultimate storage solution

As any warehouse owner will tell you, storage space is one of your most precious commodities and one you need to capitalise upon to the best of your ability. Racking companies are well aware of this and to that end, pallet racking was developed.

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Pallets are low-cost wooden storage solutions, capable of a multitude of tasks and uses as well as a few very nifty upcycling projects. These crates are often made from off-cuts and otherwise unusable pieces of wood, which makes them incredibly economical and practical to incorporate within your racking company.


The value in pallet racking lies especially in their stacking capabilities, providing sturdy vertical storage and extra support for fragile items. While capitalising upon often wasted vertical space. Pallet racking allows you to store a variety of shapes and weights, while leaving items easily accessible, provided you have a forklift. In fact, this system has been the warehouse standard since World War 2, and racking companies have yet to find a system to beat the ease, versatility, and economy that pallet racking embraces.

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Not only are these designs versatile and fully customisable, they are durable and safe. Wooden pallet racking systems are immensely user friendly, and require very little maintenance. If you have narrow aisle warehouses, you really have no better choice than to opt for driven pallet racks.

Added bonus, these nifty wooden shelves lean perfectly towards upcycling, so once they reach the end of their lives as mass storage shelves you can breathe new life into them with a dash of DIY. Just look at these beautiful examples of repurposed wooden pallets, from the kitchen to the living room and even the bedroom.



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