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Picking slowing down your operations?

3 ways to make sure your staff pick productively.

As a company that provides racking for warehousing in an effort to find racking solutions that truly improve productivity, over the course of our 50 years in business, we have come to know the nature of our clients’ businesses intimately.

This is why we’d like to let you in on three of our expert tips for picking productivity. Picking is one of the most important aspects of warehousing, but it is also one of the most difficult to control; maintaining processes can be near impossible in a large warehouse. If you find yourself experiencing picking productivity problems, read on for our professional advice:

Multiple Order Picking

Hear us out here. While multiple order picking can lead to more picking errors, if it’s done correctly, it can save a whole lot of travel time for employees without costly mistakes. With a modern warehouse management system (WMS), you can greatly diminish the risk of picking errors. There are a couple ways that you could include multiple order picking in your operations:

Group picking

Through the WMS, workers are directed to containers that hold specific orders and they pick depending on the order line.

Batch and sort

Employees pick the required number of items for different orders and these are then sorted further on in the process.
As mentioned, an effective WMS can help manage either of these methods for you.

Reduction of Task Changeover Time

Few warehouse managers can say that they’re 100 per cent happy with the time it takes their employees to change from one assignment to the next. There are multiple ways that changeover time can be lessened, though, with a little forethought. For example, having all empty pallets on one end of your warehouse means that workers need to trek across the building to get to them. However, having empty pallets near at hand to all workers means that their travelling times are greatly reduced. Furthermore, changing how tasks are assigned could make a huge difference. Do all of the employees in your warehouse know at all times what their next assignments are?

Stock Renewal

Not keeping proper track of stock has far-reaching consequences. It affects every single aspect and department of a warehouse, so it’s vital to implement correct processes and checks to effectively manage this. Just imagine how much time is squandered when an employee goes to pick an order and there is nothing there.
If you’re looking for expert racking for warehousing to make sure that your picking processes run as smoothly as possible, contact our experts at Krost Shelving and Racking today on 011 827 5555.


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