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Picking the perfect racking system for your needs

With the choice of racking systems out there, you may be focused only on the solution that gives you the most space, but if you are not informed about the myriad of choices out there, how will you make the best decisions? Most companies need storage solutions at one time or another, but those who choose them wisely, according to their needs, will be able to use them for years to come, which means a more efficient use of budget too.

So how do you choose the racking systems to suit your needs? First consider the size of the aisles. A standard racking system for a standard warehouse is great, but what happens when you have narrow aisles? Similarly, if you are renting a space, permanent racking solutions means wasted money, so what portable solutions are available to cater to your needs? Picking the right system means considering the amount of floor space and the utilisation thereof, from flat surfaces to raised floors.

Next, consider what you need the racking systems for. The size of the items you want to store will certainly dictate the size of the racking and shelving systems. Smaller items may only need a few narrow racks in raised floor areas, but larger items, such as home appliances, may need loads of space and thus, large racks that take fewer units so that they can be stored side by side. Consider too what items will be stored, since cold chain items (for food warehouses), livestock and inanimate objects will all have very different storage needs.

Finally, don’t forget about your budget. While it may be nice to consider buying the most expensive systems on the market, you have an allocated budget to spend on all of your warehouse needs, from raised floor industry solutions to racks, pallets and even lockers. Spending all of your money on racking means you are taking money away from other solutions you may need further along the line, which is not ideal. The only solution then, is to create a strategy that you can use to spend the money according to when you think you may need it, and this could mean making alternative storage plans. While this may not be very convenient in the short-term, in the long-term it ensures you keep your spend down and saves you money.

For help with finding the solutions that are right for you, speak to Krost, the experts in racking, shelving, lockers and mezzanine floors and get their advice on what solutions are the right ones, the right-now ones and those that can wait until you have more available budget to spend.