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Problems in Reducing Warehouse Costs – You’re not Alone [Infographic]

Warehouse costs can make or break a business. There are numerous factors that affect warehouse costs, both overhead and running, and it takes extremely streamlined processes to balance these all out. For example, some of the more important factors to consider are the cost of running operations, correctly used racking systems, optimising stock levels, managing returns, accurate inventory record-keeping, efficiency of picking, and more.

Moreover, businesses that have an online store as well as a physical one need to take both sources of orders into account in order to optimise stock levels.

All of these create numerous challenges that must be overcome if business owners hope to see their businesses thrive, but how does one go about reducing warehouse costs? It’s a question with no single, simple answer. Efficient racking that provides the best storage and picking methods for the product is vital, but are there other ways to reduce costs, too.

Picking operations can be extremely time-consuming and will often require a great deal of human intervention. Streamlining picking methods and procedures, as well as using computer software that will help to manage these processes can reduce time spent tremendously. Automatic picking is another option, though it can be costly to implement.

Whatever problems your warehouse faces, whether it’s an incorrectly-used racking system or a lack of accurate picking, you’re not alone. Have a look at the infographic below with the results of a survey conducted by theaccessgroup.com on warehouse operators:


Image credit: theaccessgroup.com

At Krost, we have almost half a century of experience in helping warehouses to overcome the problems associated with their operations, such as inefficiency and high costs. Our racking systems make storage and picking simple, smooth and easy. Moreover, we have a number of racking systems to suit any budget and stock type. Give us a call today to discuss your warehousing needs and discover what a difference the right shelving and racking can make for your business.

Main image credit: pssiusa.wordpress.com