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Rack protection – where, why and how

Considering racking in Cape Town or shelving Johannesburg? There are certain accessories you may need to ensure the racks are as safe as they can be. No matter where in the country you are, you can purchase protective accessories for your racks to keep them safe in the case of bumping, overloading and, as happens in so many businesses, human error.

In terms of protecting your racks, there are a number of options open to you. Some of these include protective bumpers or guards that absorb impact. These can be bought off the shelf for standard racks, or can be custom made for your needs. For the latter, you will need to measure the dimensions of your racks and shelves, from the width and breadth to the height, and order based on the number of units you have. Remember that in most cases, economies of scale apply, so if you plan to order a few now and more later, you may end up paying more than if you order for all of your racks now.

Rack connectors can also benefit your warehouse or store room greatly. When you buy racks, you may be tempted to buy the largest and broadest ones available, but if you plan on stacking items of differing shapes and sizes, you might find that you have over-catered. In this case, purchasing racks of different sizes is better, especially when you consider that you can use connectors to join racks together, to store larger or unusually shaped items. In the case of a warehouse that stores appliances, for example, you may find that joining some smaller racks that you use for kettles and toasters gives you the support and space you need to stock washing machines.

Finally, don’t forget about the floors of the warehouse, and how different floors will affect the products you stock. If you work with compacted dirt floors, you may need to put into place tarpaulins and other protective materials that stop dust from getting into your products. Working with paints or other liquids requires protection from sunlight, and working with fragile items obviously requires wire mesh to stop items from falling.

Rack protection in regards to shelving Johannesburg means very different things to different businesses. As the business owner or manager, you need to consider how your products will be affected by everything from environmental conditions to human handling, and plan for it. This is certainly not something you need to do alone and if you speak to Krost Shelving, you may find that your needs can be met according to the types of racks you plan to buy, those you actually buy, and those you use in different parts of your warehouse.