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Racking Shelving South Africa: Conventional Racking Systems Perfect for Cold Storage

When it comes to the refrigerated warehousing sector, there are certain specialist types of shelving and racking available. These often come with purpose-built automated racking shelving and state-of-the-art stacker cranes. Understandably, this type of shelving and racking system for sale is never at a bargain price, and many warehouses simply don’t have the spatial allowances to accommodate this sort of shelving and racking.

This is precisely why many refrigerated warehouses still tend more toward conventional racking systems. A conventional shelving and racking system for sale from a reputable supplier is more than capable of functioning properly in cold conditions and is reasonable to purchase. Furthermore, conventional racking is perfect for the storage of perishable items.

The racking shelving that Krost manufactures, for example, is powder coated with a baked epoxy finish and passes through a five stage chemical cleaning process before distribution, making it perfect for the storage of pallets containing consumables.

But, the racking South Africa commonly uses in its conventional warehouses also has another, very important benefit for refrigerated warehouses; efficiency.

The Importance of Efficient Racking Systems in Cold Storage

Efficiency in a warehouse is important as it creates faster loading times, higher turnaround, and bigger profits. However, when you add the cost of refrigeration into the mix, efficiency becomes imperative.

The price of keeping a refrigerated warehouse cold is high, so every inch of storage space that isn’t properly utilised is essentially wasted money. Because of this, it is vital that cold storage warehouses plan their storage areas very carefully.

The specialised equipment that we mentioned earlier is not only expensive, it is bulky. This means more wasted space and thus minimised profits.

Using conventional racking in a refrigerated warehouse, however, allows for more efficient packing. This means less wasted space – less space needing to be unnecessarily cooled – and thus maximised profits.

Conventional Shelving and Racking for Refrigerated Warehouses

The better packed a refrigerated warehouse is, the more efficient its operation. And, in addition, the less open air that needs to be cooled, the greater the energy savings.

Conventional pallet racking allows for efficiency and energy savings, and it completely fulfils the needs of a refrigerated warehouse.

When dealing with perishables, a FIFO (first-in-first-out) principle is likely to be the norm. Carton live racking is perfect for this picking method as it allows for optimum turnover and minimum time between picks.

This increases efficiency, limits energy wastage, and, importantly, costs less that specialised equipment while meeting the same needs.

For more on the benefits of conventional racking for cold storage be sure to contact Krost right away!


Image credit: http://www.foodlogistics.com/article/12050647/the-warehouse-as-a-competitive-advantage