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Racking and Shelving Solutions in Johannesburg

Located in a warehouse district of Johannesburg, South Africa, just north of Wadeville and south east of the East Rand PTY Mines, sits Krost Shelving and Racking, a business dedicated to meeting the current and future shelving needs of a variety of clients. Some are retail stores and supermarkets; others are manufacturing or distribution companies. We offer warehousing, racking and shelving solutions, not only to these companies, but also offer storage solutions, even to libraries.

Among the solutions available through Krost, a client will find racking and shelving. Some of the racking solutions include: pallet mole, selective pallet, selective storage, drive-in or drive-through, cantilever and shuttle racking. Pallet mole is a battery powered, high density warehouse storage solution that allows for both First-In-First-Out (FIFO) and Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) storing and picking methods, and is ideal for high volume-low stock keeping unit (SKU) businesses. Next, the selective storage system is efficient due to maximum storage versatility and flexibility; available in light, heavy or medium racking choices, it is ideal to store a wide variety of non-palletised goods. The cantilever racking system is designed to be totally adjustable and is able to expand with the company and is used for storing long, bulky or oddly-shaped items, such as tubing, textile rolls, timber or furniture.

Shelving is another solution that Krost supplies, including rivet, gondola, boltless medium and heavy shelving solutions. Rivet shelving is high density and is considered ideal for use in offices, retail stores and warehouses, while giving maximum vertical clearance and allowing items stored to be accessed from all sides, since back cross braces are unnecessary for support.

Gondola shelving is a free standing system, of which all the units, fittings and shelves are interchangeable, and is ideal for use in retail outlets, pharmacies and supermarkets, as they are available in single and doubles sided versions. Boltless medium weight shelving solutions, also known as general purpose steel shelving, which is both economical and space saving due to the large variety applications of medium duty, are ideal for their ease of movement from one location to another, allowing the owners to easily change the layout of their factory or store. It also provides adequate support for medium-weight goods.

Johannesburg is home to Krost Shelving and Racking, and we are a company that believes that space can be found in extraordinary places. Contact us today to find out more about our storage solutions.

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