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Raised Storage Areas for Your Warehouse

Storage facilities and warehouses need to make the most out of their available space, which is why there are many different options for you to choose from. Raised storage areas are very popular as it allows you to increase your storage area and allow you to store more items while still having access to all your products easily.

Raised storage areas allow you to double your storage space, which is especially helpful for areas like warehouses or even retail stores that need to have additional space without having to build storage rooms or expand on their floor area.

Raised storage areas can be a mezzanine floor that is built on top of your existing floor area that can provide additional storage, working areas or even act as a display area in retail store environments. These floors are very durable and have become very popular in recent years as it is easy to install and to move if necessary.

Mezzanine floors are perfect for almost any warehousing environment as you can install these floors easily and effortlessly. They can be custom designed to offer you a unique storage solution and they can easily be assembled and disassembled.

These floors enable you to benefit from the full working height of the building by doubling the surface area. It’s one of the most cost effective ways to optimise your existing space because all your fixed costs are already covered. Mezzanine floors are very durable so that can be used for additional storage space or even working areas.

In addition to raised storage areas for warehouses, you can also choose to use different solutions like pallet raking, drive-in racking, shuttle racking, cantilever racking and even document storage racking. We can give you helpful tips and advice on how you can make the most out of the available space you have, so that you can add racking and storage solutions that will work for your warehouse.

Krost Shelving & Racking specialises in a wide variety of storage solutions including raised storage areas that are ideal for warehouses and storage facilities. We also offer a variety of other storage solutions like selective storage racking and cantilever racking. Visit us online to view our products or contact us to find out more about our company.