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Repair or Replace?

repare or replace

A look at the different available options for maintaining racking.

If you have a warehouse in Gauteng and your racking is in need of some maintenance, remember that Krost offer shelving and racking repairs in Johannesburg.  But, while shelving and racking repairs are great for fixing problems, it might also be time to start thinking about upgrading your racking systems.  Granted, this can be tricky, considering how many fantastic products we offer, but our excellent shelving and racking repairs will give you plenty of time to decide on the best option for your warehouse.

To help you with the decision, here is a look at some of the different pallet racks used in warehouses today:

Selective Pallet Racking:  This type of pallet rack is probably the most widely-used option in the world.  This is because, aside from being one of the most affordable forms of pallet racking, it is one of the most efficient racks.  With access to every pallet being possible from the aisle, this type of rack promotes storage optimisation and ease of picking.

Double-deep Racking:  This is essentially selective pallet racking with a capacity for holding twice the amount of pallets.  This type of racking is perfect for warehouses with large amounts of stock.  Pallets can be accessed from either side, and floor space is optimised by the decreased necessity for aisles.  Please be aware, however, that these racks do require specialised forklifts able to cope with the depth.

Drive-in Racking:  This type of racking works best for a First-In-Last-Out setup due to its configuration, and it is exceptionally efficient in its space utilisation, requiring only a single aisle whilst holding a great deal of pallets.  This type of rack is excellent for slow-moving stock, or stock that only experiences demand during particular seasons.

Drive-through Racking:  Like drive-in racking, drive-through is also designed for high density storage.  Drive-through racking may require an extra aisle, but it does allow for First-In-First-Out packing since pallets can be accessed from both sides.  It also allows vehicles to pass through the racking system.

Pallet Mole Racking:  Pallet mole racking is exceptionally efficient as it allows for vertical storage, which is very useful for warehouses with limited space.  In addition to this, its battery-powered stock mover decreases the risk of worker injury due to manoeuvring heavy stock.  This type of racking allows for First-In-Last-Out and First-In-First-Out picking methods.

These are just some of the many racking solutions available to warehouses when the time comes to renew their racking.  However, in the meantime, Krost offers first-class shelving and racking repairs in Johannesburg.


Image credit: http://www.aw-systems.com/material-handling-storage/pallet-rack/repair