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Rivet Shelving in Johannesburg: The Benefits


We often post articles on our blog about the overall benefits of shelving, and how it can boost productivity whilst lowering costs.  But some forms of shelving require a more in-depth look.  As rivet shelving manufacturers, we feel that the standards of our rivet shelving services demand their own article.  So, with that in mind, here is a brief look at the benefits of rivet shelving:


What is Rivet Shelving?


Perfectly suited for a variety of settings ranging from warehousing to retail outlets, rivet shelving is a high-density form of shelving.  It uses a boltless design, allowing the shelves to slot into specifically shaped holes in the beams, which makes this type of shelving ideal for customisation.


No matter what type of material needs to be stored, rivet shelving can make allowance for its shapes and size.  And, since the best rivet shelving manufacturers build their shelving to meet the highest standards, the durability of this shelving can withstand a great deal of weight.


The Many Benefits of Rivet Shelving


Rivet shelving is versatile in its storage capabilities, but also in its uses in different situations.  This type of shelving is excellent both for small and large businesses alike.


Small businesses find that the customisation level of rivet shelving means that a smaller number of shelving units can still create an efficient storage solution.  The adaptability of the shelving means that there is never any wasted space on a single unit, meaning the initial outlay for shelving can be minimised.


In addition to this, these selves lend themselves to gradual expansion.  While a small business has limited funds shortly after its inception, it can maximise the efficiency of its smaller number of shelves.  Thereafter, as the business grows, the number of rivet shelves can easily be increased without demanding any major restructuring.


With regards to large companies with superior storage demands, rivet shelving can be used for bulk storage.  Its high density and quality workmanship make rivet shelving an ideal choice for a variety of storage environments, and its baked epoxy powder coat paint means that wear and tear is minimised even in industrial environments.


Rivet shelving is extremely easy to assemble, and doesn’t require days of installation resulting in expensive downtimes.  Since this type of shelving doesn’t require bolts to install, it can be done quickly and efficiently using only a rubber mallet.  This means that productivity won’t suffer due to installation of rivet shelving, giving business owners even more incentive to opt for this storage solution.


For excellent rivet shelving services, be sure to contact Krost.  With decades’ worth of experience, our manufacturing and installation processes result in the best rivet shelving in Johannesburg.





Image credit: rackandshelf.com.au