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Safety in the Warehouse

When and where to use removable guardrails.

Industrial areas, be they warehouses, workshops, or any of the like, are potentially dangerous environments. This is why safety is so important. But this does not just apply to the safety of the personnel in the area, but also the goods, machinery, and equipment that it houses.

These types of environments need safety features, but they cannot afford to be bogged down by them. Certain areas need to be protected by barriers, but still allow access for forklift vehicles and even personnel. This is where removable barriers are so convenient. Instead of having to disassemble permanent guardrails sporadically, lift-out guardrails allow for easy management of protective barriers.

At Krost, we offer the finest shelving, racking, mezzanine floors, and steel lockers South Africa knows, so we know a thing or two about steel structures in and around a warehouse. For this reason, we are sure that lift-out guardrails are one of the most practical and efficient safety features available for a warehouse today.

You would think a guardrail would be a permanent fixture, and you would be right, in most cases. It’s true that many warehouses have well planned layouts, and know exactly where foot and vehicle traffic will pass, and where large amounts of products will be stored. However, no matter how well you plan for the future, you can never be absolutely certain that things will always work best that way. Life is full of unexpected changes, and you might find yourself having to rearrange your guardrails from time to time.

This is why lift-out guardrails are such a convenient option. Even if they stay in for long periods of time, there will most likely come an occasion when you’re thankful of how easy they are to remove.

Lift-out guardrails are just as solid as their permanent counterparts. However, their design enables easy customisation. Like permanent guardrails, lift-out guards have posts and rails, but the pockets allow the addition of rail segments, without ever compromising overall integrity.

Furthermore, lift-out guardrails allow for specific planning. If a particular area might be subject to a great deal of future change, the entire guardrail can be built out of lift-out sections. Alternatively, the majority of the guardrail may be permanent, and feature a particular section which is constructed from lift-out sections, to allow for greater access at that point.

With Krost being a supplier of racking, shelving, and steel lockers South Africa has trusted for decades, we are qualified to recognise efficiency in the workshop or warehouse. This is why we believe lift-out guardrails to be an excellent addition to the safety features of any industrial environment.

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