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Saving Space and Money with Supermarket Shelving

Krost has several clients that require a great deal of supermarket shelving for their stores. These supermarkets see an enormous amount of foot traffic through their aisles each day and providing shelving that makes access of goods and products easy for clients is perhaps the most important consideration for them, as is a store that is neat, tidy and visually-appealing for people.

supermarket shelving

Image credit: http://raconteur.net/business/from-supermarket-shelf-to-shopping-basket

But there are other vital considerations for shelves that stores must take into account long before they install anything, and this is where Krost Shelving and Racking truly shows our clients what we’re worth. Before we start manufacturing and installing shelves, we take a look at the bigger picture to make sure that these stores really are getting the most out of their space and money.

We do this by offering a service that sets us apart from our competitors; we provide an in-depth analysis of stores which looks at where they are in terms of space currently, and how they should be looking.

This service is not a matter of simply looking at your shop and guessing what layouts and storage products would be best. After visiting your store, we construct a 3D representation of what the layout will look like with your new supermarket shelves, so that you know exactly how it will appear before you’ve even begun to talk business with us.

For an example of what these 3D renderings look like, have a look below:

supermarket shelving

supermarket shelving

supermarket shelving

supermarket shelving

We don’t only provide this service to supermarkets, though – we will do it for any business in any space!

This service is free to our clients because we believe that display and presentation can make or break a supermarket, and so can costly and unnecessary shelves and other storage solutions.

When you do business with Krost, you’re not talking to a company that simply takes orders, churns out products and installs them. You’re dealing with a partner that wants to see you transform your old space into an area that is neat, open, appealing, and provides easy access to customers. We want to see your transform your entire business for the better.

Main image credit: http://www.warehouseiq.com/profiling-warehouse-abc/