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Security in the Warehouse

How to best protect your precious inventory.

For some more than others, temptation is very difficult to overcome.  When picking, arranging, and packing expensive or desirable items, some warehouse employees may give into temptation and resort to theft.  While many employees are trustworthy, theft is a common occurrence in the warehousing industry.  This is why good security systems are so vital.

Essentially, the prevention of theft comes down to finding ways to limit people’s access to desirable items.  In the warehousing industry, this means both the expensive exterior equipment and fittings, and the inventory on the racks.  Steel caging and lockers are a good way to limit access, but let’s look closer at how to properly discourage theft.

Steel lockers

Lockers are a great way to limit access to valuable items.  Provided that they are made by reputable locker suppliers, steel lockers are a safe means of storage for personal items, pharmaceuticals, tools, and specialist materials and equipment.  Lockers are an excellent choice because they provide outstanding safety, but are still movable, which makes them practical when it comes time to reorganise the warehouse.

Security partitions

Usually constructed from woven or welded wire mesh, full-size security partitions can be constructed around expensive equipment and are big enough to allow personnel inside.  They can also be used to limit access to various areas of the workshop, essentially controlling these areas.  The wire mesh is perfect for ventilation, yet its gaps are small enough to prevent goods being passed through.

Wire cages

Wire mesh can also be used for smaller exterior fitments and equipment, such as utility meters.  These cages can also be used inside the warehouse for the storage of tools or smaller stock items.  They are particularly useful as they provide a clear view as to their contents, which means that inventory checks can be carried out without being impeded by the locking and unlocking of the cages.

Scissor-style gates

Similar to the security gates found in many homes, these gates are versatile and extremely secure.  Their scissor-style design means that they are not limited to a certain width, so they can be used for smaller doorways or larger areas, such as corridors.  They are also structurally sound, and are thus an excellent choice for limiting access to controlled areas.

These are just some of the security options available to warehouse owners.  It is important to ensure that items like these are fabricated and installed by reputable equipment and locker suppliers.  While security equipment is often put in place in the hopes that it will only have to deter thieves, it is comforting to know that it will repel genuine efforts of theft too.

Image credit: allracksolutions