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A Comparison Of Applications For Cantilever Racking Services

The generic heading of racking services actually covers a number of different storage options each of which tends to be best suited for use in a particular set of circumstances. One requirement that they all share in common, however, is the need to arrange stored items so that they are safe and readily identifiable as well as in a configuration that is best suited to the intended means of retrieval. In practice the method that will be applied is determined largely by the size and mass of the stored items.

racking services - selective racking - cantilever racking krostGoods such as canned foods for delivery from the processing factory to a warehouse will most likely be arranged in large stacks, wrapped and mounted on pallets for handling by as forklift operator. In this form, selective pallet racking will be the storage option of choice. In this setup each stack will be located in a space that is large enough to house the item comfortably and at a height that is within the safe reach of the vehicle’s forks. Other items such as white goods will often be enclosed in protective crates that also serve to regularise their shape and facilitate palletizing.

A modification of this form of storage facility may also be applied in warehousing smaller items that are unsuitable for pallet-mounting and that, instead must be retrieved manually by a warehouse attendant. Often the need is for items that vary quite widely in size and this selective storage racking offers the advantage of being easily adjusted in order to make the best possible use of the total space available for this purpose. The main difference between these two types of construction is a direct result of the bulkier items and the potential for accidental contact with the forklift when handling palletized goods. For this reason these structures require the greater strength of heavy-duty components, while systems intended for manual picking may usually be of much lighter construction.

Sometimes the type of storage required is determined not such much by the mass of an item but by its dimensions and by its length in particular. For extra-long items like piping, tubing and timber Krost Shelving offers cantilever racking. This type of storage solution dispenses with the need for solid shelves to provide support for the load and, instead, relies upon a series of strong arm-like supports located at appropriate intervals to support the items, making use of their length to maintain a rigid and stable profile.

Quality, innovation, versatility and value for money are the four characteristics of each precision-made Krost product upon which our many customers have come to depend when in search of dependable racking services.