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Shelving and Logistics Go Hand in Glove

There is an emerging focus on developing end-to-end logistics networks in South Africa and configuring existing networks, such as shelving and racking in warehousing, industrial buildings, commercial buildings and offices to meet this trend and the demands of industries across the board.

End-to-end networks enable companies to determine which services should be implemented at the source and as a result will enhance the general productivity and flexibility of their network and at the same time reduce costs wherever possible.

Determining the services that are performed is always industry-specific and unique. Strategies and designs are always what distinguish one industry from the next – and therefore no warehouse, shop, industrial operation or office has the same shelving configuration.

The industrial shelving and racking industry is not focused entirely on new-fangled ideas or technologies but also on its ability to design and configure more efficient networks and expand its end-to-end offerings to its clients.

The ability to offer products and services on a national basis in order to ensure that you are given the kind of service for these requirements is something that we, as your number one shelving and racking supplier is something that we are continually developing as we believe that this is a huge opportunity for our clients to reduce costs and become more competitive in specific markets.

Systems such as inventory forecasting and replenishment, transport optimisation analysis, activity-based costing, warehouse management systems and business intelligence plus numerous others systems have been around for eons.

While these and many other systems are being fine-tuned, Krost Shelving’s focus has been on refining and improving to configure the shelving and warehouse systems to the specific requirements to what clients require to optimise and maximise space that is already there through the clever use of shelving, racking, mezzanine flooring and more.