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Shelving Cape Town: Do Coastal Cities Need Custom Industrial Shelving?


Cape Town might not have the humidity levels of Durban and some other coastal cities, but, with the ocean on its doorstep, it’s fair to say that it is more humid than some inland cities in South Africa. And, with humidity, comes corrosion. So, with this in mind, does the shelving Cape Town uses require any special treatments to prevent against corrosion?


Before we answer this, let us take a brief look at the real issues affecting steel in coastal areas.


Steel vs The Coast: The Issued Identified


As we mentioned, humidity is not the friend of steel. This is largely because moisture being left on a steel surface can accelerate the corrosion process. There are multiple reactions to moisture settling on steel surfaces, but this has the potential to create a mildly acidic solution due to a chemical reaction, which then begins to corrode the steel.


Sea salt is also a culprit of such a reaction. A constant film of moisture containing sea salt can create an aggressive electrolyte, which in turn speeds up the corrosive process.


Lastly, there is the heat factor to consider. Theory tells us that the corrosion effect can double for every ten degrees of heat applied to the steel. And, with coastal cities often being warm, to say the least, the threat of corrosion is great.


With this in mind, do coastal cities like Cape Town need special shelving?


Shelving Cape Town: The Ideal Shelving for the Coast


It is true that, in order to protect against the corrosion process, a specific type of paint should be used. Your typical spray paint is not very protective, and can easily scratch, exposing the bare metal to corrosive moisture. Furthermore, it often requires multiple coats in order to get a decent finish, which takes time and costs extra money.


This is why a far better option is epoxy powder coating. This is applied after a chemical cleaning process to ensure that the steel is primed for durability. Powder coating is known for its toughness, adhesion, flexibility, and, importantly, resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, powder coating is excellent for use in an industrial environment because of its resistance to solvents and other chemicals.


Powder coating is thus perfect for use in coastal warehouses. But, because we like all of our clients to have access to this type of protective coating, we coat all of our industrial shelving with epoxy powder regardless of location.


So, if you want shelving equipment that can stand up to a harsh environment, be sure to contact Krost today!