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Shelving Ideas that will save you money

Top Shelving Ideas for your Home

Get organised this year and add a couple of clever shelving ideas to your home.

This way you will free up space you did not even know existed. If you are short of space but do not have the money to move or pay for expensive renovations, adding a couple of clever shelves and slapping on a couple of coats of paint will transform any room or home from ordinary to extraordinary.

If you are very short of space, add a wooden deck or a loft room. Shelving and racking are wonderful ways to neaten a home whilst freeing up plenty of space.

Garages are oft-neglected corners of any home. Why not make your garage your newly-renovated play room or entertainment corner? Add shelving, clean up all the mess, put down a couple of smart tiles onto the floor and before you know it you will have the extra room that would have normally cost you a tidy fortune.

The secret is to incorporate ideas into what you already own. Few individuals qualify for bonds these days with the economic downturn, therefore renovations and moving are more often than not quite out of the question. Get smart and get cracking – renovate, redo and use what is already there.

Here are a few ideas for shelving to make your home spectacular: A ladder with planks strategically placed makes an interesting bookshelf idea. Make use of brackets and float your bookshelves down a wall. Take a ladder apart to incorporate an interesting shelf-arrangement for books, plants, ornaments and other knick-knacks.

A hollowed-out TV makes an interesting place to keep your books neat and tidy. Stack a couple of rustic wooden pallets one on top of another to make a very interesting rustic looking shelf for your books.

Shelving made from a combination of piping and wood are a good combination for that wonderful statement. Hang shelving from ropes for that nautical look.

Shelving is a versatile way to make your home look fresh and new and is an interesting DIY project for the DIY enthusiast and for those wanting to learn.

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