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Shelving In Cape Town Is Employed For Many Different Purposes

The need for various types of shelving in Cape Town, and everywhere else for that matter, is an extensive one. It begins with the relatively modest requirements that are typical of our homes where support for utensils, ornaments, books and the sundry items of electronic equipment that provide us with entertainment or simplify our chores. On a commercial scale, however, the demands that are made on this type of fixture tend to be a good deal more varied as well as a lot tougher.

While many of these uses may be concealed from the public eye and remain largely unnoticed, others are plain for all to see and, in the latter category it is probably your local supermarket that is the most visible user of quality commercial shelving whether located in a Cape Town suburb or in any of the other hundreds of shopping centres that have erupted around every medium to large town and major city in South Africa. In these locations, the space between shelves will often be minimal and designed to accommodate items that fall within a fixed size range, While their primary aim may be to a volume of storage space that is sufficient to accommodate quantities of stock that are practical, they are also intended to act as a display facility drawing the attention of customers and simplifying the retrieval process.

Wide Range Of Lockers For Sale 1It may come as a surprise to many of the nation’s shoppers to learn that, in some of the larger superstores or hypermarkets, the overall length of this type of shelving used by stores in Cape Town and nationwide can often be measured in kilometres. Perhaps more significantly, much of it is the product of the Krost factory facility located in the city of Germiston, seat of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and a part of Greater Johannesburg.

Less visible, but certainly no less important are the uses for this type of structure in the nation’s hotels and restaurants where they are vital to the smooth running of the kitchen. In addition to providing handy storage for plates and cooking utensils, manufactured from easily-cleanable stainless steel, these units provide caterers with a convenient repository for the more basic ingredients that are constantly called upon by the chefs and their assistants.

At Krost, we are known for our capacity to implement practical, cost-effective storage solutions and few are as demanding as those of industry. Manufactures, warehouses and central distributors will often have requirements that far outstrip those of the supermarket. Whether the requirement is for storing hundreds or hundreds of thousands of items, our quality shelving products ensure efficient, practical solutions from Cape Town to Cairo.