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Shelving Options Galore

One thing that one can never have enough of, is storage. If you look towards storage solutions that are versatile – whether for general purpose or heavy duty – you can benefit from working with reliable suppliers like Krost Shelving & Racking. Our shelving products have a modern design and they are very unique, allowing you to have upright bays and the ability to add attachments in any direction.

Each client has unique storage needs and the Krost team has many options to choose from. Our General Purpose Steel Shelving is one of our most popular items and this is manufactured from high quality steel and is very versatile. It is boltless, can easily be installed and, if needed, relocated. These products are generally used in combination with drawers, shelf dividers and kick plates. When we do site visits, we are able to provide a quotation and Computer Aided Design (CAD), so that your space can be properly utilised.

When looking to store something in an office, warehouse or even your garage, single rivet high density shelving can be a good option. This shelving uses single rivet beams on intermediate levels and for rigidity, double beams are used at the top and bottom. This is also a good option if are looking for shelving in retail stores.

Shelving Options Galore If you are walking in a supermarket, one seldom looks at the shelves used to display products. Shelves are crucial when it comes to marketing and displaying products and that is why many retail stores uses shelving manufactured by Krost Shelving and Racking.

We will assess your store and advise you on what type of shelving you need according to your product. Usually, the gondola system is most suitable for a wide range of retail outlets, including bottle stores, cafes and pharmacies. This system can be installed within hours and is usually interchangeable.

Krost Shelving & Racking has been in business since 1948. Years of experience have produced for us the ISO 9001-2000 certifications for outstanding quality and compliance regarding design and manufacturing of Mezzanine Floors, Steel Racking, Shelving and Lockers.

Being awarded the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) mark for excellent, high quality standards was a great accomplishment and just proves that we only produce Superior products. We know our business and will make sure that you, as the client, will have the correct product according to your specifications.