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Shelving and Racking Johannesburg: Is Augmented Reality the Future of Warehouse Stock Picking?

In the endless pursuit of increased efficiency in the warehouse, some business owners have been calling for shelving and racking systems that use lights to direct stock pickers to the items on their pick lists, similar to the lights that signal open bays in some parking lots.

But, while this may well increase efficiency through the limitation of errors, it does have the side-effect of increasing shelving and racking prices. The truth is that the current shelving and racking for sale on the market is already specialised enough, without adding further hardware.

Warehouse owners are right to look to shelving and racking suppliers for the answers to efficiency, but perhaps they are asking the wrong questions. Perhaps it is a different kind of hardware that can add further efficiency to the world of shelving and racking.

Augmented Reality in the World of Shelving and Racking

Augmented Reality is a technology in which a user can experience a combination of the physical world and a digital world. A stock picker might, for instance be able to view shelving and racking systems in the warehouse and receive digital information on the items for picking via readouts on his or her headset.

This could be helpful in the following areas:

  1. Efficiency

Stock pickers usually work off a printed list or a display on a mobile device. But the reading of this list takes time. AR would allow the list to feature in the picker’s peripheral vision, greatly speeding up the picking process.

  1. Accuracy

An Augmented Reality headset would be able to scan the barcodes of picks in real time, allowing the picker to be alerted if he or she had made a mistake. With the help of shelving and racking suppliers, there is the possibility of having stock picks highlighted on the racks to improve accuracy even further.

  1. Intensive Tasks

NASA sees AR as a potential means of reducing astronaut training time. It allows astronauts to limit training time on areas such as spacecraft repair. And, should they need to repair parts during a mission, a trained technician can talk them through the process from the ground by viewing what the astronaut is viewing in space. This could apply to the repairing of certain pieces of complex shelving and racking for sale on the market, where specialist repairmen no longer have to be physically brought in.

Shelving and Racking Johannesburg Trusts

Augmented Reality is certainly an option for the future when it comes to increasing efficiency while maintaining reasonable shelving and racking prices. But, until this technology becomes the norm, it is up to leading shelving and racking suppliers to accomplish this feat.

We believe that, through quality workmanship and innovative design ideas, we improve warehouse efficiency. And we do so whilst maintaining competitive prices.

Image credit: http://www.sdcexec.com/news/12040626/the-wearables-and-augmented-reality-software-can-improve-the-picking-process-by-25-percent