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Shelving and Racking Johannesburg: Inventory Management

Many warehouse managers believe that good inventory management is simply a case of organising their shelving and racking systems well enough that the inventory can be easily found. But, the truth is that effective inventory management goes further than this. Of course, there is software that manages shelving and racking for sale, but this can be costly. And, if shelving and racking systems are managed cleverly, management software isn’t necessary.

As shelving and racking suppliers, we’re always in contact with successful warehouse operators. This gives us plenty of opportunity to see good shelving and racking inventory management in action. Here are a few easy tips for managing inventory on your shelving and racking:

How to Easily Manage Inventory on Your Shelving and Racking

  1. Stay Current

You probably paid a lot of attention to your workflow and picking routes when you initially planned your warehouse. But, things change. Your most popular products back then may be less popular now, and other stock might be more in demand. It is thus important to ensure that you regularly check your warehouse layout to find any instances where your inventory could be better placed.

  1. Track Your Best Sellers

By tracking the inventory that moves the fastest, you get a clear idea of what needs to go where.  Stock that is consistently popular over a few months should be moved nearer the shipping area. But, just to ensure that you are sure that the stock is popular, be sure to monitor data such as the stock types, the brand, and the supplier. This will help you make better decisions in the future with regards to purchasing as well as stock placement.

  1. Use Visual Identifiers

It may sound like you’re treating your pickers like pre-schoolers, but putting coloured labels of visual identifiers on your stock can have a significant effect on inventory management. Increasing the accuracy of your stock picks is a proactive way to guard against inventory inconsistencies in the future.

  1. Allocate Time for Tidying

If you have your stock pickers work right up until the end of their shift, they might leave stock in between where it was and where it needs to be. This can create an inventory nightmare. Instead have them stop processing orders 30 minutes before the end of the day and allocate that last half an hour to tidying up and making sure that all the stock is in the correct place.

Great Shelving and Racking Prices

You’ve made a smart decision and bought your equipment from trusted shelving and racking suppliers that don’t inflate their shelving and racking prices. Opting for this shelving and racking for sale certainly saved you a lot of money. So, it would be a shame if you threw money away on inventory inconsistencies.

Hopefully these tips help you increase your inventory management ability and improve efficiency in your warehouse. And remember, if you need to expand your shelving and racking solutions, we’re only a click or call away! Krost: shelving and racking Johannesburg trusts.

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