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Shelving and Racking Systems: The Pros and Cons of Automation

When it comes to the subject of warehouse automation, there seems to be clear camps being for and against.  Some believe that automation is a way of increasing efficiency through technology while others feel that it detracts from experienced warehouse workers’ abilities to problem-solve on the trot.  But, as experienced shelving and racking suppliers, we feel that it depends on the warehouse in question.

Shelving and Racking Johannesburg: Is Automation Right for Your Warehouse?

Some of the pros of automating your shelving and racking management and stock picking are:

  1. A huge boost in efficiency as the automation speeds up your processes.
  2. A definite advantage over your competitors who are still on the manual system.
  3. Fewer errors as a result of the diminished human element.
  4. The attraction of highly skilled workers from the talent pool in your industry.
  5. Less reliance on the labour market as the automated processes require less manpower, leading to…
  6. A saving on employment costs over the long term.

But, of course, with the pros you have to consider the following possible cons of automating your shelving and racking systems:

  1. Shelving and racking prices may not go up, but some of the equipment necessary for automation may have the effect of making shelving and racking prices feel inflated.
  2. Current staff without the proper training for handling automated systems will have to receive that training.
  3. The initial introduction of automation might cause delays in your business, which may break momentum.
  4. Automated systems often require in-house maintenance staff to ensure their correct running at all times.

Shelving and Racking for Sale

Whether or not automation is right for your warehouse depends on your long term goals and available budget.  Automation has many benefits, but it does require an initial outlay that may take some time to recover.  Fortunately, this doesn’t need to affect your purchasing of any shelving and racking for sale in the present.

Regardless of whether automation is on the cards for your business or not, you still need the best shelving and racking available.

And, as it turns out, you’ve found the shelving and racking suppliers that have the best shelving and racking Johannesburg has to offer.  So, whether or not you think automation is right for your warehouse, contact us today to secure the best quality shelving and racking infrastructure can possibly get.


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