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Shelving Solutions South Africa: Maximising Your Warehouse Space

Racking and shelving solutions are designed for maximising the storage space available in your warehouse.  However, they are only as efficient as you make them.  If you haven’t quite nailed the layout of the shelving solutions in your warehouse, you could be wasting precious space.

Creating aisles around the walls, forming your shelving and racking units into ‘L’ shapes, starting your layout against the shortest wall, or placing racks against all of your warehouse’s walls; these are some of the things that limit space.  And, it is generally understood that each of these loses you about 5 percent of your available space.  Do enough, and you could be losing out on 20 percent of your space.  Just imagine the profits that you’re losing as a result.

But, fortunately, these mistakes are easily remedied.  Here are a few tips to get you on the road to maximising your warehouse’s space:

Optimising Your Racking and Shelving Solutions

  1. Monitor Your Product Flow

You don’t want to place your shelving solutions just anywhere.  It is important to match the type of racking to the products it stores, and then position the units with your most popular products closest to your shipping area.  This way you won’t create long picking routes, and you can limit the amount of traffic in your warehouse.

  1. Plan Your Shelving Solutions

Now that you have an idea of which racks need to go in which general areas, you need to plan your warehouse layout.  Before you actually start moving shelving and racking units around, plan out your warehouse using CAD or, if you don’t have access to this, graph paper.  Make sure that you aren’t missing out on space by committing the planning sins we mentioned earlier.  Keep your layouts simple, but effective.

  1. Leave Room

It sounds a bit counterintuitive, but to maximise efficiency, you need to leave open space.  Bigger aisles allow for freer picking routes and much less traffic.  Your stock pickers won’t get caught up in blockages, and everything flows more efficiently.

Shelving Solutions South Africa

These are just some of the ways in which you can improve the efficiency in your warehouse.  But most importantly, you need shelving and racking you can trust.  This way, you won’t end up having unexpected downtime due to accidents.

So, to start your journey towards increased productivity on the right foot, contact Krost today!

Image credit: https://amproinc.wordpress.com/tag/pallet-rack-shelving/