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Shelving Units: Which Is Best?

If you are searching for shelving units and trying to decide between wood or steel shelving units, don’t worry. You are not the first to delve on this journey. Many warehouse managers and storage directors before you have asked themselves the same questions: which shelving units are best?

Obviously, each came to their own conclusion as it depended on several factors. However, there are a few things to consider for yourself when you are looking the difference between steel shelving prices and wood shelving prices.

With each shelving type supporting their own case, it’s best you consider the following points about the different shelving unit types and base your choice on that.


On face value, wood shelving is more affordable than steel shelving prices. But if you take into consideration the maintenance costs of wood shelving, you’ll come to see that wood shelving can sometimes be more costly than the long-lasting steel shelving. Although steel shelving does require some form of maintenance, wood shelving needs more attention.

However, one should also consider the cost of replacing the entire shelving units. This is where wood shelving prices are more affordable too than steel shelving prices.


As discussed in the above paragraph, steel shelving prices are more affordable when maintenance is taken into consideration. This is due to the fact that steel is more durable than wood. With wood, you can expect a lot of troubles that might cause your shelving units to get damaged. From termites to rot, wood can easily get damaged.

Steel shelving’s only real danger is corrosion. If rust builds up, especially on joints of the shelving units, your stock is at risk as the steel shelving units can collapse.


You are certainly looking for a unique and custom-designed shelving unit that fits perfectly into the space you’re thinking of. This is where wood is much more practical that steel as wood shelving units are easily adjusted and customised. Due to wood shelving also being more affordable, it won’t break your bank if you want to change your wood shelving units at a later stage.

Whichever shelving unit type you decide on, consider Krost Shelving Johannesburg for your next shelving solution.

Image credit: www.schulzspeyer.com