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Six Tips for Saving Space for Warehouses with Small Goods

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Many of our clients warehouse small goods amongst their stock. It’s no surprise to those who do store small items that these little products can take up vast amounts of space. There are many ways to save large amounts of space, from installing steel lockers, to adding mezzanine floors. Here are our top six tips:

1. Steel lockers are truly one of the best ways to save space and keep order with small goods. They’re also an excellent way to protect these items from damage caused by dust and dirt. Further, they may also be locked up and so can deter criminals with a mind for stealing.

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2. Shelf dividers are another way to create order with small goods. Shelf dividers are an excellent way of labelling and keeping track of large quantities of stock and ensuring the items do not get mixed up with each other.

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3. Vertical storage is always a friend when installed correctly by experts. It’s best to make use of all available space to keep order in your warehouse and even better when this space is not on the floor, tripping up employees.

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4. Monitoring slow-moving stock and inventory is vital to free up storage space. Why give valuable space to items that are not much more than clutter? Consider either stocking less of the sluggish stock or store it elsewhere, off-site.

5. Similarly to the above, if you cannot reduce levels of cumbersome stock nor move it off-site, store it higher up. This will make picking much easier for you and your employees and will help to create order and smooth operations.

6. Moveable shelving is an excellent option in almost any warehouse. For one, should you need to rearrange storage space, these can blend seamlessly with your new system and they also make access and picking faster. Moveable steel lockers also fall under this point.

steel lockers South Africa

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For a full quote and expert advice on arranging your warehouse and creating much-needed order in it, contact Krost today. We specialise in the installation of shelving, racking, mezzanine flooring, and steel lockers South Africa.