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Space, Underfloor Air Distribution And Raised Floors

From offices to warehouses, servers rooms to data centres, more and more businesses are beginning to install raised floors. Though this innovation is becoming more popular, it is by no means a new introduction to the market and some businesses have been reaping the benefits of using these for decades.

Raised floors can be made of any material, but in most cases they are made of stainless steel, which is both durable and lightweight, providing a perfect surface upon which people can walk and equipment can be placed, but being slim and light enough to allow cables and other elements to be placed beneath it.

One of the benefits of using warehouse raised floors includes the chance to install a ventilation system without taking up precious space in the warehouse itself, that could be used to house more products. A system such as this is comprised of pipes, hoses and cables that push conditioned air through the space between the raised floor and the actual floor, cooling down the warehouse and supplying fresh air, which is essential in those warehouses that have no windows.

Using these systems not only allows for more space in the warehouse, but they are also more energy efficient and the cost of installation and usage is lower than that of traditional air conditioners.

Server rooms can also make use of these ventilation systems and when using a company such as Krost Shelving, which offers raised floor industry solutions, business owners may find that they start to save money in the long-term. Raised floors, in this context, also provide a space through which cables and electrical wires can be threaded, thus providing an additional power solution that supplies electricity to the server room.

This is absolutely essential because, in the case of a power failure, the servers must be kept up and running to ensure that your valuable information is safe.

Raised floors have numerous advantages in buildings of different shapes and sizes and more and more commercial and industrial companies are making use of them. Some businesses have even taken the next step by installing raised floors in offices rather than ceiling compartments, which in many cases are still used to house air conditioning systems.

A raised floor with an underfloor air conditioning or electrical system really makes more sense, since the system is easier to access and, in the case of conditioned air, there is much less energy loss due to the units being installed so low, and not near the building roof. Save yourself and your business space, energy and money by making use of raised floors wherever possible.