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Staff Lockers: What Material Is the Best Choice?

Staff lockers are an important asset for any warehouse. It’s the place where staff can safely and securely store their valuables while on duty, and it helps in keeping the workplace neat and tidy.

When looking to improve your warehouse, lockers should be the first priority. But have you considered the difference between plastic lockers and steel lockers? Here are a few differences between the two to consider before purchasing your new set of lockers.


With staff who might be likely to neglect the maintenance of the lockers, you should consider what the best option is for the long run. Steel lockers are more durable than plastic lockers. Steel as a material is tougher and can resist more pressure than plastic which results in a more durable locker.


Plastic lockers are more susceptible to heat which can alter the lifespan of the lockers. Although steel might not be the best heat conductor, it’s more likely to keep your staff’s valuables safe if a fire breaks out.


Lockers must be able to support the items staff place in them. From steel boots to heavy water bottles, lockers which crumble under pressure is not something you should have to worry about. Steel lockers are far more capable of carrying heavier loads than plastic.


Plastic lockers might be easy to design from the start but steel lockers can easily be customised after installation. With brackets and extra units easily welded together, steel lockers allow for the freedom to do with as you please. With plastic lockers you simply have to stick with what you have.

When you are looking at the lockers for sale advertisement, make sure that you consider all the possible scenarios that your set of lockers will need to undergo. No expenses should be spared when the safety and security of your personnel and their belongings are on the line. Price is obviously a determining factor in any equation but it should not be the overall deciding factor.

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