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Storage hacks to tame your inner pack rat

  1. Doorway shelves


(Source: http://www.houzz.com/photos/96523/A-Place-for-Everything-and-Everything-in-Its-Place-eclectic-living-room-new-york)

Why not capitalise on the wasted space in your arch doorway to add these stylish box shelves, perfect for your decorative pieces or books.

  1. Home office nooks


(Source: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/)

Home offices can be a nightmare for hoarding and clutter, and finding the correct storage solutions can increase productivity in ways you’ve never imagined. Creating an entire wall-based shelving system with dedicated sections not only looks slick, it also keeps everything in the correct place. An organised office leads to an organised mind.

  1. Kitchen Box Shelves

Storage Solutions

(Source: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/decorating/decorating-kitchen/kitchen-decorating-ideas/cube-shelving-unit)

Kitchens are another area in need of novel storage solutions. These box shelves keep everything neat and organised, while maintaining an air of minimalist charm. Why not add wallpaper to the backing for an extra element of fun and style, incorporating your colour scheme into those clean lines.

  1. Quirky knick-knack shelving


(Source: http://www.designsponge.com/2013/04/sneak-peek-pj-mehaffey-dylan-hightower.html)

There’s nothing wrong with being a knick-knack hoarder; the problem comes in with displaying these treasured items. These thin, curved shelves create the perfect display spaces, while adding a truly offbeat look to the space.

  1. Books for days


(Source: http://tessbethune.com/venice-family-cottage)


Ah bibliophiles, always looking for storage solutions for your treasures tomes, why not take it to the next level and dedicate an entire wall to your books with simple open shelving? Keeping everything in one section minimises potential clutter, while creating a conversation piece for your space.

  1. Bathroom minimalism


(Source: http://www.lonny.com/photos/Bathroom/Traditional/NuE1XB8JG5S)


Function meets form in these beautifully simple open shelves above the bath, perfect for all your cleansing bits and pieces. The glass jars look absolutely lovely filled with seashells as well – finally a storage idea for the spoils from your last beach trip.

  1. Declutter that shoe rack


(Source: http://www.curbly.com/users/capreek/posts/15298-ikea-hack-an-easy-shoe-storage-and-closet-organization-idea#!bGQk0K)


A women can never have too many shoes. Inversely though, she can never have enough space to store them all neatly. By adding hooks to behind-door rails, you can capitalise upon your unused closet space and safely store your shoes. How’s that for a nifty trick?

  1. Wine Rack towel holder


(Source: http://www.listotic.com/50-brilliant-storage-ideas/29/ )

Another nifty bathroom storage hack, why not use a wine rack as a vertical storage space for those towels that take up all your cupboard space? Not only will you free up loads of space, you’ll always have a towel on hand, and they add a splash of colour to the room as well.