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Storage Space – Before and After!

Storage space is definitely something that anyone can benefit from. Whether you want a few additional bookshelves for your room, or add a few durable lockers to your working environment, using the right product is absolutely essential to your success.

Here are a few interesting before and after images of homes that illustrate just how effective storage can be, if implemented correctly. Remember that if you’re looking for lockers to buy for your home or work, or you need some serious industrial shelving and racking to organise your warehouse, you can contact the leaders in lockers, shelving and racking in southern Africa – Krost.

Let’s start with a Victorian cottage in the UK:

lockers to buy


As you can see, this quickly became a dumping ground for almost everything, making this area an office, playroom and workspace, all in one. It looks cluttered, although all the family members enjoyed the space from time to time!

lockers to buy

With a few coats of paint and new flooring, this space was turned into a beautiful working area. It took around two days to tidy up and another few days to add the flooring, before the finishing touches were added. It now looks amazing!

Here’s another storage space that was turned into a cool spare bedroom. This Victorian home was tackled by a husband and wife team that wanted to have an extra bedroom for their guests to enjoy. Here’s how the space looked before:

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For years this room was a storage space, but it is now a beautiful bedroom that will not only be great for guests to enjoy, but also add value to the home. See below:

lockers south africa

It’s easy to turn any space in your house into a beautifully versatile room or even additional storage space for your family to enjoy. If done correctly, you can add value to the home, while creating a versatile space for yourself to enjoy.

Krost Shelving can provide you with a variety of shelving and racking options to organise your storage space instantly and affordably. If you’re looking for lockers to buy that can securely store valuable goods, or racks that are durable and practical, our team can help you make the most out of your storage facilities, whether in the home or in more industrial contexts, such as factories and warehouses.

Images credit: Apartment therapy and Shelf Genie