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How to Store Awkward Items on Warehouse Shelving Systems

In a picture perfect, cookie-cutter type of world (the sort we see at the beginning of Edward Scissorhands) the only type of package that you would ever need to store on your warehouse shelves would be a sensibly-sized, light box.  But, as well know, the world is about as perfect as the first pancake of your batch, and the items that we need to store on warehouse shelving units are very often far from the ones we just described.

If you work in a warehouse you can probably testify to the fact that the goods that need storing on warehouse shelves racks are very often strangely-shaped, heavy, and just awkward in general.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these awkward items and the warehouse storage shelving that is right for the task.

The Best Warehouse Shelving for Awkward Items

Item 1: Heavy Loads

Though not awkwardly shaped, heavy loads can be a major source of worry for warehouse workers.  This is because they can’t be loaded and picked manually, and require the help of forklifts to move them around the warehouse.  So, when choosing the right type of warehouse shelving for these items, consider warehouse metal shelving that is strong enough to support the weight and versatile enough that it can be accessed by forklifts.

The best warehouse shelves racks for this job?  Pallet mole racking!  Pallet mole racking is perfect for forklift access, excellent for a variety of shapes and weights, and allows multiple picking methods (both FIFO and LIFO).

Item 2: Pipes

Pipes are awkward, too, being long and able to roll around.  So, you need warehouse shelves that cater to their length and keep them in place.  Fortunately, there is a type of warehouse storage shelving that is specifically designed for this purpose.  It is called cantilever racking.  This type of warehouse metal shelving features arms which jut out to hold pipes or beams, and these arms have tips at their ends which keep the items from rolling off while in storage.

Item 3: Machine Parts

Machine parts are both heavy and oddly shaped, so you need warehouse shelving units that make it easy to pick these items as well as store them.  For this, you might try carton live racking.  This racking uses gravity to move items along a surface of rollers, so the rack is doing the hard work transporting the goods and this reduces time between picks.

Warehouse Shelving Systems for All Types of Goods

There may be some awkward items out there, but we have the right storage solutions for all of them.  So, if have items like the ones mentioned above, or other awkward items that need storing, contact Krost today and we’ll happily discuss your options with you.


Image credit: By Cortes003 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons