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Suitable Racking Options for Every Purpose

Storage facilities, specifically racking products, are essential for almost any home- and business owner. Even though you might have the space available to set up a shelving unit with racks, you might not have the know-how on installing it, or which materials to use.

Krost Shelving and Racking is the leader in racking and shelving and will be able to help you gain maximum storage out of any space with the added benefit of flexibility and versatility.

There is a huge variety of racking to suit every purpose. One thing all clients have in common is that it must be economical. Racking is sold at competitive prices, without compromising on the quality of the end product. One of the products that are used is Krost’s Cantilever Racking.

This system can be used in numerous types of businesses in different industries and it is usually used to store textile rolls, furniture, timer and tubing bars. This works very effectively for those awkward items you do not want lying around. This system is adjustable and can therefore be modified when the company expands.

When you have a business that stores heaps of paper, like in the case of a doctor or lawyer, you will need a storage system that is quick to access but also stores documents easily. Document storage racking needs to be done efficiently. If a business’s filing is done the correct way and efficiently, it will run more smoothly. Although storage of data on software is more popular and efficient, hard copies, and referral to a paper trail, are still used by many professions.

One of the most efficient storage solutions is pallet racking. This is widely used and is most efficient when it comes to racking for distribution. This system provides easy access in a warehouse of distribution and is the best way to store pallets by stacking them in selective pallet racks.

The Krost team has over 170 dedicated workers who pride themselves on each product produced in their factory. Attention to detail, constant improvement and upgrading of products and product knowledge are the things that separate them from all the other manufacturers. They aim to deliver a product that is cost effective and unmatched in quality. They are based in Johannesburg, South Africa but do distribute in several African countries.