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Petrol Hike Reaches into our Shelves 

Supermarket ShelvingSupermarket shelves, mines, harbours, bridges, buildings, developments and projects of every shape and description will naturally be affected by the 2013 budget, the hike in fuel prices and the introduction of carbon levies. Although we were sort of expecting this to be introduced sometime in the future, somehow it has arrived a little sooner than expected.

Although the squeeze in the government’s Budget means a renewed effort to get value for money, the impact will be quite substantial both on the private individual and also business and industry as a whole.

Here are a couple of items of interest that have come out of the recent budget.

Government goes green – and about time too!!

  • Carbon tax on greenhouse gas emissions from 2015 – R120 a ton.
  • There will be a levy placed on each and every plastic bag used at 6 cents a bag – an increase from 4 cents to 6 cents.
  • CO2 emissions taxes on new passenger cars and also double cabs.

Fuel costs to accelerate:

  • There will be a hike in fuel; Road Accident Fund levies of 22.5 cents and also 8 cents a litre respectively from April 3rd 2013 (ouch).
  • General fuel levy is expected to contribute in the region of R3.2 billion in revenue for the 2013/1014 fiscus.

To sum up:

The squeeze continues unabated for motorists as Pravin Gordhan slaps on a 23 cents per litre fuel levy. This is the highest increase in the levy since 2010 Supermarket Shelvingand it comes at a time when motorists are facing increased costs from fuel hikes and of course in Gauteng possible toll fees as well.

There will also be an overall increase of 23 cents, which includes 8c per litre in the Road Accident Fund Levy. Last year the levy went up by 20 cents and the year before it went up by 10c.

With the recent increases in fuel and the levy starting in April motorists can find themselves paying R13.30 a litre in just over a month’s time – and with this increase you can expect price increases everywhere and especially on the supermarket shelves.

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